Compact Treadmill Review Compact Treadmill Review
compact treadmill review
Compact Treadmill Review
Looking for a compact, portable treadmill? You came to the right place! gives you tips on buying the latest compact home treadmills including the strengths and weaknesses of each model and where to buy at a discount.

Compact treadmills give you several advantages over traditional treadmills like being easy-to-move, lightweight, space-efficient and portable.

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Why Buy A Compact Treadmill?
Here are a list of the advantages of buying a compact home treadmill

Buying 101
What to look for when shopping for a small home treadmill

Horizon Evolve Treadmill
Review this popular, affordable compact folding treadmill

Lifespan TR200
The more "deluxe" compact unit on the market, the Lifespan TR200 offers a few things other compacts do not

All Reviews
Read all reviews of the treadmill on this site - all of which are compact and great for small spaces.

Best Compact Treadmill
The top 3 rated compact home treadmills currently on the market.